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Best Workplaces in Travel is designed to identify brilliant businesses by asking the people who truly know –

the employees.    

How the survey works

After entering your company details, you will receive an email from our tech team with your organisation's unique survey link, plus a sample email to

send out to your employees to encourage their participation.


You will then invite your employees to participate in our survey asking them

what facets are most important to them as an individual in the workplace. They then rate you, their employer, in terms of your performance against their chosen facets.  

The robust survey should take about 10 minutes to complete (it's anonymous

and is treated in complete confidence).

To enter, click the Enter Now button, complete your company details, size of business, category and payment.



Employees will be asked to identify and prioritise what’s important to them at work and then rate your performances against their chosen criteria.

They will also answer several  ‘killer questions’ (including the ENPS)

about working for your organisation and there’s an opportunity to

add their own comments, providing you with valuable additional insights.

All organisations completing an entry will receive a secure link to an online report on their responses, with comparisons against peer averages.

The outcome scores will enable us to identify the shortlist which will be announced mid May, and invited to the sparkling award ceremony.

The winners across the three scale categories will be announced at the Best Workplaces in Travel Sparkling Award Reception in London on

the evening of the 14th of  June 2023.  

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