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Discover this year's Best Workplaces in Travel.

Best Workplaces in Travel is an annual employee engagement survey and insights, plus recognition awards. Our survey provides top travel companies with critical insight into the key issues and drivers for people working in the UK travel industry, while our awards celebrate the best performers across these criteria.

The 2024 Winners were announced at our sparkling award ceremony in London on June 10th. 

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Identify the key issues and drivers within your workforce.

Participating organisations receive a private link to their own personal survey results which includes key data such as overall engagement and Employee Net Promoter scores. These results help to inform your strategic planning and enable business improvements which in turn drive progress onto or up our much coveted top Best Workplaces in Travel list!

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In 2024, 86% of employees surveyed said they felt proud and happy to work for their organisation.

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felt their company treated its people fairly, well and promoted equitable opportunities for all.

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Enter our Best Workplaces in Travel survey to get priceless insights like these, specific to your business.

2023 Insights

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How it works

Best Workplaces in Travel operates in partnership with workplace culture experts, Hendrick & Hyde, and powered by Korero Technology.

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Invitation for entries

Starting in early December we invite travel companies to be assessed via our rigorous, yet uncomplicated survey to be completed by their employees. Register early to take advantage of our discounted early bird rate!

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Employee Survey

Your employees go through a process to ascertain what really matters to them about their workplace. They then rate you, as an employer, on how well you are delivering against this, along with six killer questions including an Employee Net Promoter score.  

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MAY - JUNE 2024

The Awards

The best performing organisations will be notified in May 2024, and all entrants will be invited to an exclusive sparkling award ceremony in London on the 10th June to award the finalists across each of the  categories. 


The survey outcomes will provide unique insights as businesses continue to build back. It helps you retain and employ the talented people you need to do this, and to support a positive and happy workplace.


Engaged companies are more productive, creative, and successful. 


Engaged teams are more cohesive, harmonious, and easier to manage.


Talent decisions are based on fact rather than guesswork.


Provides industry insights to allow you to benchmark against other travel companies.


Gain invaluable, measurable insights into what your people think, and take actions to improve.


Attrition is both costly and disruptive and a key issue for leaders.


Be an employer of choice – one that top talent aspire to work for in a competitive recruitment landscape.


Raise your profile and be recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Travel.

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Raise your profile and be recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Travel.

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Celebrating the Best Workplaces in Travel 2023
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