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Rage Applying and what it means!

This isn’t a new phrase; it’s been around for some time. What is it? It's when an employee works in a job they loathe and want to exit asap. They will seek a better opportunity, culture, higher salary or an improved work-life balance etc. They will simply apply for as many jobs in order to make a swift exit.

"Rage applying" is a step up from "quiet quitting" we experienced in 2022. It resonates with, and is more prevalent in Gen Z’s and millennials.

But what does this mean for travel? Well talent acquisition/retention is a key part of every company's HR strategy this year, so it is imperative that travel companies create a workplace where they can engage and retain top talent. This is challenging with the global talent shortage, and candidates firmly in the driving seat. Plus, with the cost-of-living crisis, some employees are forced to increase their salaries.

Last year, when we asked employees what makes a Best Workplace, respect for life/work balance came out top. The other priorities were:

  • Supportive, Positive, and Inspirational leadership.

  • Being part of a team that works well together – collaboration.

  • Recognition and thanks for a job well done.

  • Being valued.

So, what can travel companies to stop this talent drain?

  • Support your people financially through the cost-of-living crisis.

  • Support your people’s wellbeing.

  • Reward and recognise your people, celebrate achievements.

  • Ensure you have a flexible and purposeful working environment.

  • Offer professional development and learning opportunities.

Interestingly, whilst, according to general research, the overall statistic for the UK population looking to change employer in early 2022 was as high as 41%, encouragingly, just 7% of the travel employees surveyed last year were ready to leave their employer then, and a further 4% between 6-12 months. The majority of those who felt they were ready to move on had been employed more than five years (7%). People who had been with their employer up to six months are the most loyal, with 61% stating they are ready to stay for more than five years.

Let’s see what this year’s survey reveals and do y/o/y comparisons!


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