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Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

A group of office workers gathering to recognise achievements

We cannot underestimate the importance of demonstrating appreciation to staff, especially in today's workplace. With high levels of burnout and its impact on mental health, its crucial for leaders to take action to support their employees. They are facing more stressors than ever before.

Best Workplaces in Travel's employee insights highlighted that travel employees value thanks for a job well done (in the top 5 criteria for what makes a best workplace). Recognising employees for their hard work and contributions can make them feel valued and increase their motivation and engagement. This helps create a positive workplace environment and supports successes.

So how are you celebrating today and everyday!?

Ensure contribution is acknowledged

How about sending a personalised card expressing your appreciation. Perhaps the CEO could send out a sincere and heartfelt thank you, acknowledging the employees commitment.

Not forgetting peer to peer appreciation, encouraging employees to recognise each others contribution. This helps build a culture of appreciation and support.

Make time for team building

Host a team building activity that is fun, engaging, creates memories and encourages camaraderie. How about creating a travel quiz! Or participate in charity fundraising events as teams. We love walk and talk meetings too in the fresh air!

Facilitate development

How about organising a webinar or live event with an inspirational speaker who will bring value to the whole business, which gives the opportunity for the team to develop, share experiences and ask questions on a specific topic.

Support employee's needs

Provide flexible work arrangements - not just today! Respect of work/life balance featured as number one priority for employees for the second year in our unique survey, which which underlines the importance of enabling people to have control over their own lives. Some employees may wish to work part time, part year, compress their work week, alternate shifts, or include changes to their workplace and/or work location. Again, offering this flexibility, this can be a valuable way to show your appreciation.

Ditch the annual appraisal

Gone are the days of the annual appraisal, the gold watch for tenure, and employee of the month award. A more comprehensive approach, one that promotes continuous recognition, can be more effective in supporting employees and helping them feel valued and appreciated.

Remember, the most important thing is to show your appreciation in a way that is meaningful to your employees. In the Best Workplaces in Travel's employee survey, we ask what your employees value, and with the insights generated, can only help travel companies understand what is important to their employees.

To summarise, by taking the time to show appreciation for your employees, you can help to create a positive and productive work environment that supports the well-being and success of everyone involved.


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