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Congratulations to all the Best Workplaces in Travel 2024 winners!

This fantastic accolade is something only the best achieve. It is a recognition of commitment to your employees and showcases those who see workplace engagement as a vital part of  an organisation’s success.


Best Workplaces in Travel is a unique opportunity to tell a positive PR story, helping you to attract and retain the best talent, and set you apart from the competition.



The Best of the Best

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Luxury Coastal

Luxury Coastal’s team has always been at the heart of what they do, and they place a real focus on creating a fun and inspiring environment, where their people feel valued, supported, and encouraged to be their best.


Global Travel Management

GTM has a truly unique and special culture. By prioritising employee input and treating employees like family, they have created a work environment that fosters trust, engagement, and motivation, where everyone feels heard and valued. GTM has a really low turnover rate, with many employees having been with the company for over 15 years.  

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Ice Travel Group

Creating a great employee experience is at the heart of Ice Travel’s people strategy. Their focus is on building an inclusive environment where colleagues are supported, valued and have the freedom and autonomy to do their best work whilst being themselves. Ultimately, they’re striving for every colleague to feel proud of their workplace, this achievement reflects that goal.


Holiday Extras

Holiday Extras are committed to fostering an inclusive culture of skills sharing and growth. This ensures their team and business continue to lead the way in AI and innovation. This is driven by pioneering new initiatives like their recently launched HX Mentors and AI Trailblazers Programmes. These not only enable their people to learn new skills but also to pay it forward by sharing their knowledge across the business, enabling everyone to excel and innovate. 

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Congratulations to all the Best Workplaces in Travel 2024

Logos for all the companies who have been recognised as a Best Workplace in Travel this year.

Special Awards



“On behalf of Intrepid, thank you and your team for such an amazingly well-run event (in such a fabulous location), and for giving the industry the opportunity to showcase the amazing talent we nurture in our respective companies and what innovation and support great employers are bringing into the industry.”


“We will certainly ensure we share Jane’s insights with our staff and build up on how we improve for next year’s event.”   


Regional People Partner, Intrepid Travel


Did you get snapped?

Check out the photographs from our 2024 Sparkling Award Reception. Download these using the link below, and please feel free to use them for socials or on your company website, not forgetting our hashtag. 


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