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Top 10 predictions for the people space in 2023

Best Workplaces in Travel’s key business partner and employee engagement specialist Purple Cubed, has provided a top 10 predictions for the people space in 2023

  1. Retention versus Recruitment. There will be no let-up for war over talent but travel businesses will become to appreciate that the best way to achieving stability is through employee engagement and retention.

  2. All out flexibility: however you want to work, we will find a way to accommodate you.

  3. Transformational HR: HR or People Departments are now high profile within organisations. As other managers take on more operation HR duties, senior HR leaders will find the time to focus on strategic initiatives that have impact.

  4. Investment: Greater investment in HR as people challenges prevail and HR becomes more powerful in impacting business success. With a particular focus on technology, leadership, culture and wellbeing.

  5. Cultural Leadership: the realisation that the senior leadership team needs to be 100% committed to maintaining a values-led culture alive and kicking.

  6. Side hustles: more employees will have passion projects ‘on the side’. These side hustles will grow with greater transparency as businesses increasingly welcome them.

  7. Wellbeing: the importance of employee wellbeing will grow as more organisations adopt a ‘people first’ culture.

  8. DEIB: Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity and Belonging will continue to rise up the agenda. Employees will naturally gravitate towards organisations that are genuinely getting this right as opposed to those just ticking boxes.

  9. Leadership effectiveness: human-centric leadership will trump transactional leadership, with an emphasis on skills such as flexibility, empathy, adaptability, and the ability to champion change come.

  10. Employer Brand Authenticity: businesses will have to improve their cultures and employer brands so that everyone can feel safe, secure, comfortable and confident about showing up as their authentic selves.

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