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Redefining the Workplace, its employees and HR in 2023

Sharing Best Workplaces in Travel's partner's latest blog (Purple Cubed) where they summarise Josh Bersin's 15 Predictions for 2023. A must read to help HR navigate the challenging year of transition in the travel workplace.

In addition to our own predictions for the coming year, they have summarised this lengthy document to help the travel and hospitality industry navigate the exciting and challenging year of transition ahead:

Prediction One: A new, multifaceted workforce, diverse, ageing and scarce

In brief:

  • Diversity issues loom large – diverse team outperforming their peers

  • Five generations working together – look out for our forthcoming guide to managing Gen Z

  • Workforce is shrinking due to lower birth rates

What this means:

The biggest challenge in 2023 is how to attract, retain, develop your people.

Prediction Two: Jobs and careers will be redefined by the convergence of industries

In brief:

  • Massive need for new skills

  • Move from recruiting for experience to recruiting for skills and adaptability

  • An even more brutal war for talent where only the best employers will win

What this means:

Organisations will need to understand the capabilities needed and collect skills data – digital analytics are essential.

Prediction Three: Every company will get serious and pragmatic about skills

In brief:

  • Flatter structures with project-oriented teams

  • Internal mobility

  • Clear understanding of skills based on increased performance, via digital data capture

What this means:

Digital data capture is essential to reassess and reorganise skills in place and sought.

Prediction Four: The employee experience will be tested by hybrid working

In brief:

  • Workplace is redefined in terms of when and how people come into work

  • Emphasis on redefining collaboration and workplace tools and guidelines

  • Need to embrace workplace technology and have a clear digital strategy in place

What this means:

Better, more agile team working models, remembering the front-line need to flex too.

Prediction Five: Organisations will move beyond the employee experience focusing on ‘people sustainability’

In brief:

  • Wellbeing encompassing mental, physical and financial

  • Emphasis on removing human capital risk

  • Areas such as DEI, benefits, health and safety, employee experience cluster together

What this means:

The advent of the people sustainability leadership/team, as distinct from the culture leader/team.

Prediction Six: Every company will need to revisit its leadership model

In brief:

  • Leadership has changed from the teachings of 10 years ago, operating as teams not hierarchies

  • Leadership based on care, inspiration, empathy, flexibility and trust

  • Balancing empathetic flexible leadership with increased emphasis on productivity

What this means:

Take care of your people and they’ll take care of you. Listening is key.

Prediction Seven: New models of performance management

In brief:

  • Many companies are now embracing OKRs (objectives and key results)

  • Formal check in processes to enable team leaders to manage performance continuously not episodically

  • Fluidity of approach so each individual can access what they need when they need it

What this means:

You need a Talent Toolbox and, if you have one, use it in its newest format – avoid the temptation to revert to the traditional annual appraisal route.

Prediction Eight: Organisations will seriously revisit pay and reward strategies

In brief:

  • The pay disruptions of 2022 will continue

  • Fix the disparities before giving everyone an increase

  • Communicate your pay and reward strategy clearly and honestly

What this means:

Talent attraction and retention is dependent on the ability to demonstrate fair and equitable pay and rewards.

Prediction Nine: CEOs and CHROs will increase their focus on wellbeing

In brief:

  • New levels of C-Suite respect for the wellbeing issue

  • Too many meetings and interruptions are getting in the way of work

  • Productivity (a job well done) increases wellbeing

What this means:

Make people’s work easier, work smarter, and interrupt them less.

Prediction Ten: Productivity will become an essential measure of employee success

In brief:

  • Productivity creates employee engagement so make excellent organisational design a priority

  • Redesign roles and structures to make work easier

  • It’s less about hiring more people and more about streamlining and improving productivity

What this means:

Every new product, process or policy should be aimed at improving productivity.

Prediction Eleven: Growth in the flow of work will become a new focus for corporate learning

In brief:

  • Build capability through projects, gigs, mentoring, relationship-building, networking, community events and so on

  • Capability academies focusing on strategic business capabilities

  • Career pathways with tuition free education to build specific capabilities

What this means:

Creating extensive career growth options beyond development.

Prediction Twelve: The role of the recruiter will become increasingly more important

In brief:

  • In successful businesses, recruiters act more as talent advisors

  • Emphasis on internal mobility, improving knowledge of skills and culture fit – will need tech to facilitate this

  • Invest in the candidate experience

What this means:

A fantastic employer brand is essential – it’s not an HR programme, it’s a leadership issue.

Prediction Thirteen: People analytics will evolve into talent intelligence

In brief:

  • Intelligence necessary around wellbeing, burnout, impact of remote work, office time, teamwork, recruitment, retention, engagement and capability

  • Talent intelligence consists of Bersin’s 4 Rs: Reskill, Redesign, Recruit, Retain

  • Getting people insights directly out to the business in real time in a form that’s simple, visual, open and transparent and action-oriented

What this means:

Next generation people analytics comprising talent intelligence, skills trends and workplace insights.

Prediction Fourteen: A new HR tech landscape will arrive

In brief:

  • Integrated tech solutions

  • Multiple intelligence systems to create, infer and store skills

  • New collaborative virtual learning systems with an emphasis on improving productivity

What this means:

Choose only tech vendors with open API strategies so as to mix, match and evolve.

And finally, what according to Bersin, all of this will mean for HR…

Prediction Fifteen: HR organisations will move to a new operating model of systemic HR

In brief:

  • Integrated operating systems

  • Every HR team should understand what other teams are doing

  • Top priority talent strategies shared and agreed by all, with HR teams sharing their roadmaps

  • HR professionals should rotate around HR and into and out of the business

  • HR tech roadmaps should match the HR talent strategies and be shared regularly

  • Local/embedded HR teams should have a voice in all strategic programmes

  • An integrated analytics and talent intel function should inform all major decisions

  • Every HR professional should strive for ‘full stack’ skills

Credit to Purple Cubed and Josh Bershin


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